Mass transit

Mass Transit

Many of Judlau’s most impressive accomplishments change to are mass transit projects constructed in heavily trafficked areas of New York City.

From intricate signal work to track work and new construction, structural rehabilitation to new exits and overpasses, the company can point with pride to an impressive array of diverse transit-related assignments.

On New York’s extensive subway and rail systems, Judlau has performed critical work on subway lines, shuttle stations, ventilation plants, and pumping stations. The wide–ranging expertise of the Judlau team has touched everything from major station rehabilitation to state-of-the art communication rooms.

Judlau’s current and completed projects include the $320 million 72nd Street Station Fit-out; the $215 million 63rd Street Station Rehabilitation; the $210 million White Plains Road Line Rehabilitation; and the recently awarded $193 million South Ferry Station project. In addition, the company’s mass transit resume includes the $81 million Columbus Circle Station project; the $189 million Culver Line Viaduct Rehabilitation; and the $100 million Montague Tube Rehabilitation project performed in a joint venture. Many of Judlau’s projects have been recognized by owners and the media for outstanding achievement.