11 / 25 / 2014

OHL enters two new States in the US: Illinois and Connecticut

 Until now, OHL’s construction activity in the US was being carried out in Florida, New York, Texas, California, Maryland and Washington DC

05 / 21 / 2013

Cooperation agreement between OHL and Florida International University (FIU)

On 24 April, OHL and Florida International University signed a cooperation agreement to set up an internship program for their respective students which will further strengthen OHL's ties with the US institution, in which OHL has had a School of Construction since 2012...

05 / 06 / 2013

Judlau-OHL Group to restore the Cortlandt street subway station in New York which was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks

The OHL Group has been awarded the contract to restore the Cortlandt Street subway station in New York, in the central area of the World Trade Center. It had been destroyed in the 9/11 attacks (11th of September 2001) and thanks to this work its activity on the New York subway network will be resumed.

02 / 05 / 2013

Governor of Florida visits OHL USA headquarters in Miami as a token of appreciation for job creation in the region

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, visited the OHL USA headquarters in Miami. During the ceremony, where he presented the positive employment data in Florida...

06 / 28 / 2012

Culmination of the first large-scale prolongation of the subway to Miami International Airport

The Miami-Dade Public Transport Administration (MDT) and the Miami-Dade Department of Aviation have announced that AirportLink, a project to extend the Miami subway (Metrorail) to the international airport of the capital city of the State of Florida...

06 / 28 / 2012

The U.S. Government rewards OHL’s occupational safety in its Airportlink project

OHL's occupational risk prevention policy has been acknowledged by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with the "VPP Star Status" prize for its occupational safety excellence evidenced during its construction of Miami's AirportLink (Florida).

05 / 25 / 2012

Florida International University creates the OHL Construction School

The OHL Group has become an associate of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Studies of Florida International University (FIU) in order to create the OHL School of Construction, the first in the history of the university with a company name.