United States

Rehabilitation of Bryant Avenue Bridge

Judlau is the prime contractor for the rehabilitation of the Bryant Avenue Bridge over Amtrak and CSXT rail tracks. The scope of work for this project includes:

  • Removal of the entire bridge superstructure including roadway, north sidewalk and abandoned south sidewalk under the pedestrian overpass. Superstructure removal items include: wearing surface, concrete deck (roadway and sidewalk), stringers, floor beams, thru girders, protective screening, steel railing, corrugated metal shield, light poles, water mains, and electrical conduits
  • Removal of top portion of the existing substructure. Substructure removal items include: top portion of concrete abutment and wing walls, bearings and other existing temporary support structures
  • Reconstruction of a portion of substructure and installation of bearings, repair cracks, spalls and scaling at surface of existing abutments and wing walls
  • Construction of a new deck, sidewalk, slab, parapet, railing and corrugated steel sheeting
  • Installation of two 12″ diameter water mains over north sidewalk. Connection of the water mains to existing lines at the approaches
  • Replacing light poles
  • Installing new pavement striping and signs