What we do


Judlau Contracting has always been digging. The company started working on subsurface utilities in the 1980s, focusing primarily on sewer and water main replacement. Three decades later we are still digging — only deeper.

A project that is both important to New York commuters as well as immense in scope is East Side Access, which will create a new Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) connection from Queens into new terminal beneath Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. This will increase capacity into Manhattan’s East Side, reduce commute time and improve service for over 160,000 daily passengers.

In 2006, a joint venture of Judlau and Dragados USA was awarded a contract for the Manhattan Tunnels Excavation. We have bored four tunnels of approximately 25,000 linear feet using two tunnel boring machines with the capacity to bore 22-foor-diameter tunnels. These machines are mining approximately 120 feet beneath Manhattan streets under numerous utilities and existing tunnels.

In 2008, the joint venture was awarded a contract for the excavation of caverns that will eventually function as the new LIRR platforms and mezzanine below Grand Central Terminal. The construction also includes the excavation and concrete lining of four new escalator ways and five shafts in Madison Yard.

When complete, East Side Access will increase LIRR Manhattan arrivals by 40 percent, improve train service, reduce crowding on existing subway lines, and serve an engine for local and regional economic growth.