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As a full-service firm, Judlau’s expertise covers a range of utility and capital improvement work, including water mains, pump stations, ventilation plants, communication systems and electrical projects.

We were proud to play a part in the reconstruction of the #1 and #9 subway lines in Lower Manhattan in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. Judlau constructed a new relay room, and worked on the installation of signal stops, switches and wiring to put in place a complete working signal system, with tie-ins to the existing system.

Today, Judlau is working on the installation of trunk water mains to connect four shafts of City Water Tunnel #3 to New York’s water distribution network. The work is proceeding in four highly-trafficked areas in Manhattan.

The company’s integral pump room rehabilitation projects involve the installation of pumps to remove rain and ground water from the subway system. The work involves the installation of temporary pumps, total reconstruction of the pump room itself, plus additional equipment and discharge lines. The construction of lift station for sewage treatment is yet another niche specialty.

Judlau’s newly built vent plants provide fresh air to subways and tunnels, and may be used to extract dust and smoke from the system. Sometimes as large as a city block, these underground vent plants require expert construction and the installation of several large fans, along with air plenums, and custom electrical and control systems.

Judlau has been involved with a number of significant communication projects for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and other organizations. For example, the company installed a complete closed circuit TV system for nine stations to allow for remote monitoring by New York City Transit.