United States

Montague Tube Rehabilitation

After Hurricane Sandy, the MTA was able to restore service through the Montague Tunnel that permits “R” train service from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Soon after the restoration, it became evident that the saltwater flowing through the tunnel caused permanent damage to the signal system and power network feeding train service. The MTA closed the tunnel and awarded a Joint Venture of Judlau, TC Electric, and J-Track a contract to perform major tunnel, track and electrical replacements on an accelerated basis.

The project is a 24/7 operation with an aggressive completion schedule. The scope of work included the demolition of existing and the construction of new duct banks, construction of circuit breaker houses, power and communications work, structural rehabilitation of tunnel lining and replacement of cast iron ring bolts, track rehabilitation, tunnel lighting, communications cables and equipment replacement, emergency pull station system replacement, and replacement of damaged parts and components at substations, fan plants and pump rooms.