United States

Rehabilitation of Columbus Circle Station

The project involved providing new subway station access points and rehabilitating several major components within the station. Judlau constructed a new subway entrance and stairway, station chambers and track platform edges.

At 60th Street Judlau built a brand new street-level entrance and control area. The entrance allows subway riders access to the downtown IRT 1 platform from the northwest corner of 60th Street and Broadway. This entrance was built underneath southbound Broadway, while maintaining vehicle traffic at all times. 

A section of sidewalk was removed and a temporary lane was built to divert vehicle traffic during construction. This, along with a concrete roadway decking system, allowed traffic to flow while crews engaged in their work.

As part of this project, a new subway access point was built to serve the Trump International Hotel. The entrance is located on the north side of Columbus Circle – at the foot of the hotel. This work involved repairing the roof structure around the circle entrance, reconstructing the street and mezzanine stairs to provide a smoother traffic flow into the station and the installing a new elevator.

The work was performed while maintaining subway service to the uptown trains as well as access to the platform area of the IRT at all times. A temporary shielding system was installed to assist in this process.

The north wall along the uptown IRT platform originally encroached onto the platform, causing a bottleneck affect for passengers. Judlau replaced the wall with steel roof beams and columns. This allowed the platform to be opened to its full width. Additionally, steel reinforcement was added to the station floor adjacent to the wall to allow for the expansion of NYCT facilities.