United States

Rehabilitation of Lafayette Ave and Rockwell Place

This project involved the construction of a new underground tunnel ventilation facility in a densely-populated residential and commercial area. Judlau constructed a new four-fan vent plant along with a substation enclosure. Judlau had to isolate each of the individual tunnels through the use of remotely controlled dampers. The project provided New York City Transit with the ability to ventilate various combinations of six IND tracks and four IRT tracks, both for general ventilation and emergency response.

Judlau installed over 1 million lbs. of structural steel and excavated over 21,000 cy of material. The excavation took place adjacent to a 12 story masonry building, requiring the installation of a secant pile wall. The work also involved the complete rehabilitation of all street elements (road, sidewalk, adjacent community park) and subsurface utilities (electric, water, gas, sewer and communication).