United States

Signal System Modernization of the Dyre Avenue Line

The project includes the signal system rehabilitation, track reconfiguration, and construction of enclosures for the Dyre Avenue and Morris Park interlockings on the Dyre Avenue Line of the New York City subway in the Bronx. Additionally, the work includes the replacement of each existing Dyre Avenue and Morris Park interlocking with a new modern Solid State Interlocking (SSI). 

A joint venture of Judlau, TC Electric, LLC, and J-Track, LLC is performing the design, furnishing and installation of signal equipment, and testing and placing in-service signal equipment required to rehabilitate and modernize the signal systems at the existing interlockings. The scope includes the design and construction of relay rooms, as well as signal, architectural, structural, track, traction power, mechanical, electrical and environmental work.  The JV will also complete the design, furnishing and installation of all heating, lighting, ventilation, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), fire suppression and electrical services for the relay and other rooms.